Our Promise

Our “First & Last Time” Promise

We guarantee our work, when you work with us

Many patients ask us “How long will this crown (or porcelain veneer or onlay) last?”

We do our best to give you an accurate and personalized answer; however, many factors influence the longevity of dental restorations. Therefore, we give you our best estimate.

Dr. Stephens promises that you will only pay for a crown, porcelain veneer or onlay on each tooth one time.

Getting it right takes a joint effort – we do our part, and patients do their part. Maintaining optimal health requires a true partnership.


If our crowns, porcelain veneers or onlays ever need replacement; and the tooth is still savable; as long as Dr. Stephens maintains his private practice in dentistry; and if you do YOUR PART as described below; we will at no charge: o Replace any crown with a new crown of the same type o Replace any porcelain veneer with a new veneer o Replace any onlay with a new onlay What if a tooth with an onlay needs a crown? If a veneered or onlayed tooth is damaged or decayed to the extent that a crown is necessary, the full fee originally paid for the veneer or onlay will be applied toward the crown. You will only pay the difference. We cannot predict if and/or when gum or nerve treatments may be required. If necessary, these procedures would require additional fees.


1. Visit our office a minimum of twice per calendar year (or 3 or 4 if recommended due to your gum condition) for cleanings and check-ups.

2. Complete, in our office, all recommended treatment in the quadrant where the tooth is located, within a one-year period. (A quadrant is one-quarter of the mouth). Decay and gum disease can spread from tooth to tooth – your path to optimal dental health requires completion of a comprehensive treatment plan.

3. Advise us of the need to change or cancel appointments at least 24 hours in advance. Without adequate notice of changes or cancellations, our ability to offer this great guarantee to all of our patients is severely limited.