Hope For Your Headaches

Since 1999 Dr. Stephens has been working with a fabulous new device that helps teeth clenchers. Clenchers (vs. grinders – tooth wear without symptoms) have significant symptoms including chronic tension headaches, neck and jaw pain, and TMJ issues. The Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition Tension Suppression System (NTI/tss, or simply “NTI”) has helped tens of thousands around the world. Dr. Stephens is extremely knowledgeable about this device, and has fabricated and delivered hundreds of them since 1999.

Feel free to visit www.headacheprevention.com for more in-depth information about the NTI/tss. The website includes a transcript of Good Morning America’s interview of Dr. James Boyd, inventor of the device. There are a number of articles for you to review, including one from the San Jose Mercury News. Take a few minutes to view the streaming video from CBC TV Online News’ “Health Matters”. These various resources provide detailed explanations of how the device works, and testimonials from successful users.

According to Dr. Stephens, “Each patient is slightly different in respect to headache, bite, tooth position and symptom resolution. The bottom line is that almost every candidate for this device benefits in some way. The device is not experimental, and with a 90% money-back guarantee, a candidate would be foolish not to try it.”

If you, your friends or family members experience any of the symptoms mentioned above, please call the office immediately at (805) 494-3231. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Stephens to see if the NTI is right for you.