Financial Arrangements

Financial Arrangements

We realize what an important investment your oral health is, and we make every effort to plan your treatment to fit your timetable and your budget!

What forms of payment do you accept?

Payment for services are due at the time dental treatment is provided. We accept payment by checks, cash, Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover. We also offer third-party financing through Care Credit which offers a flexible patient payment program.

What insurance plans do you take?

We believe that you have the right to choose your dentist, regardless of your insurance coverage; therefore, we do not participate in insurance plans that restrict access to your choice of provider. However, many PPOs provide slightly reduced benefits if you go to a dentist outside of their network.

Will you submit claims for patients?

We will work with all insurance plans that allow you to choose your own dentist. We are happy to submit claims for you, and we work hard to be certain your insurance company pays the maximum amount they have contractually agreed upon for each procedure.

Will you help me evaluate my dental benefits?

If your policy appears to limit your freedom of choice, please call or visit our office. Give us the opportunity to contact your insurance company and take a second look at the benefits potentially available to you.

Finally, please remember that your dental insurance policy is an agreement between you and the insurance carrier. Ultimately, the responsibility for your account belongs to you.

If Dr. Stephens is outside my network, why should he be my dentist if it means reduced insurance benefits?

Dental insurance companies do NOT hold YOUR DENTAL HEALTH as their number one priority; rather, their biggest concern is their own “bottom line”. Please take the website Office Tour, click here for testimonials, and/or come by to see the office and meet the “Doc” and staff. We think you’ll see why we’re worth it!

First & Last Time Promise

It sets us apart from other dentists. Read about it here.


Prepay Courtesy – No Dental Insurance

A prepayment courtesy of 7% will be subtracted from the total amount due if paid in full prior to the first treatment date, and if payment in full is made by cash or check

A courtesy of 4% will be subtracted if this same payment is made by credit card.

Prepay Courtesy – Patients With Dental Insurance

For patients with insurance, the same 7% or 4% courtesies are offered as stated for those with no insurance; however the courtesy is based on the estimated patient’s portion ONLY, not any portion due from the insurance company.

Payment at Time Services are Rendered

With or without insurance, you may choose to pay-as-you-go, paying your entire obligation for each visit at the time of the visit.

For single appointment treatment (x-rays, exams, cleanings, fillings) payment or co-payment is expected at the time of treatment – by check, cash, or credit card.

For multi-appointment treatment (crowns, bridges, implants, dentures) 50% of the payment or co-payment is due at the first visit, with the balance due at the second visit.

60-Day Three-Payment Option – Credit Card Patients Only

The 60-Day Three-Payment option is available to patients paying by credit card whose treatment plans exceed $1,500.

This option is essentially financed by our office; therefore, a 7 % Service Charge will be added to the total cost of your treatment. The patient signs a credit card authorization form, allowing us to make the following charges to their Visa, MasterCard or American Express:

– 50 % of the total due (treatment + Service Charge) is charged to your card at the start of treatment

– 25 % is charged 30 days later*

– final 25 % is charged 30 days after 2nd payment*

Third-Party Financing

Dr. Stephens offers third-party financing through Care Credit, a healthcare patient payment program. The program is available to anyone, regardless of insurance status. The application is very quick and is completed in-office. You will know within minutes if you qualify.

We encourage you to explore their website for more information.

CareCredit payments may not be used in combination with any of our Courtesy programs.

Senior Citizen Courtesy – No Dental Insurance

If you are 70 or older, and you are not covered by dental insurance, we offer the following courtesies on procedures provided by Dr. Stephens, and when payment in full by cash or check is made prior to the first treatment date:

– 15% for fillings and most single-appointment procedures
– 10% for treatment involving lab fees (crowns, bridges, implants, dentures, etc.)

Dr. Stephens offers a 5% courtesy on his services to Seniors who choose to pay in full by cash or check at the time of treatment:

– For single appointment treatment, full payment is due at the end of the appointment.
– For multiple appointment treatment, 50% is due at the first visit, and the balance is due at the second visit.

* NOTE: If your credit card is declined and a new card cannot be charged within 5 working days, or if you request that your credit card not be charged for payments no. 2 or no. 3, we reserve the right to add to the account a 20% penalty, based on the remaining balance due.